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Essays in Biochemistry

We are delighted to announce that in the recent Thomson Reuters 2012 Journal Citation Reports, Essays in Biochemistry received an increased Impact Factor of 3.468 confirming its status as an important educational resource.

The Essays in Biochemistry series provides undergraduates and first year postgraduates with a single source of information on the latest research in rapidly moving areas of biochemistry and molecular biology. Each chapter is written by an expert on the area of research and is a self-contained summary of the state-of-the-art of that topic.

Series Editor: Nigel Hooper (Manchester)

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Edited by: Jon D. Lane, Bristol, U.K.

Macroautophagy (or simply, 'autophagy') is an essential catabolic process that prolongs cell survival during nutrient starvation, and protects cells against the accumulation of misfolded proteins and damaged organelles via the formation of a de novo membrane compartment, the autophagosome. It has emerged as a key player in human disease, so a complete understanding of its regulation and molecular foundations has become an important challenge for researchers. In the present volume of Essays in Biochemistry, the steps in assembly, maturation and final merging of an autophagosome with the lysosomal compartment will be explored. Chapters will cover topics such as early signalling events, PI3P effectors and the omegasome, and the source of autophagosome membranes. In addition, the varied roles of autophagy during aging and disease, and as defence against intracellular pathogens, will be discussed.

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Amyloids in Health and Disease
Edited by Sarah Perrett, Beijing, China
August 2014
Membrane nanodomains
Edited by Ingela Parmryd
Autumn 2014
Plant hormone signalling
Edited by Tom Guilfoyle and Gretchen Hagen
Spring 2015


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