Table 1 The co-operation between autophagy and RTKs in disease models
RTKInterplay with autophagyPhysiological affect of autophagy-RTK interplayReferences
c-MetAutophagic membranes facilitate c-Met signallingEnhances tumour growth and metastasis in mouse and zebrafish xenograft modelsBarrow-McGee et al. (2016) [43]
Autophagy positively regulates c-Met phosphorylationPromotes cell migration in cultured colorectal cancer cell linesLampada et al. (2017) [40]
Epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR)EGFR phosphorylates and inhibits Beclin-1Beclin-1 phosphorylation increases tumour growth and resistance to EGFR inhibitors in NSCLC xenograft modelWei et al. (2013) [13]
Fms-like tyrosine kinase 3 harbouring internal tandem duplication (FLT3-ITD)Autophagy promotes FLT3-ITD degradation in the presence of proteasome inhibitorsAutophagy enhances cell death during bortezomib treatment in acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) cellsLarrue et al. (2016 ) [68]
Daf-2 (homologue of IGFR)Mutation in daf-2 induces autophagy in aged wormsDaf-2 mutation extends lifespan in warms in an autophagy-dependent mannerChang et al. (2017) [83]
AxlAxl signalling induces autophagy and inhibited inflammasome maturationAxl signalling suppresses LPS- and CCI4-induced acute liver injury in mice but contribution of autophagy not testedHan et al. (2016) [18]
EPHA4 and PDGFR family membersNot studiedMaintenance of neuronal health but relevance of autophagy not studiedVan Hoecke et al. (2012) [73]
Hebron et al. (2015) [75]
  • A summary of how the co-operation between autophagy and RTK signalling impacts disease and treatment outcome.